Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sacred Heart Triduum

Continuing our twice-daily preparation for Friday's Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the opening of the Year for Priests...

Jesus, Divine Master,

I bless and thank your most sweet Heart for the great gift of the Church. She is the Mother who instructs us in the truth, guides us on the way to Heaven, and communicates supernatural life to us. She continues your own saving mission here on earth as your Mystical Body. She is the new Ark of salvation.

Grant me the grace to love her as you loved and sanctified her in your blood.

May the world know her! May all sheep enter your fold! May everyone work together in your Kingdom of love!

"The Church has been established in this world to celebrate the Eucharist, to save man by restoring his Eucharistic being. The Eucharist is impossible without the Church..." (Alexander Schmemann).

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Anonymous said...

Sister, I just wanted to thank you for wearing the Habit. It always lifts my Spirit when I see a nun in public and she is wearing a Habit.