Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long lost

Our vocations team is preparing a new brochure, and somehow I got on the list to look at the drafts. Years back, we had a vocation flyer that had a wonderful quote from our Founder. I loved it, and thought it was very impelling and inspiring, but I couldn't quite remember how it went. (Naturally, I gave the vocations team my two cents' worth about including the quote, although I couldn't actually provide the quote itself.) Well, lo and behold! The outgoing novice director came up with it, to my everlasting inspiration. (And it may show up on the brochure, in the end, too.)
Here it is (tell me what you think):

She who possesses knowledge,
who has intelligence and willpower;
a tremendous capacity to love,
a spirit of self-sacrifice,
a burning desire for holiness,
and a consuming thirst for souls—

Let her come with confidence
to the Daughters of St. Paul.

She can spend herself completely
in the Pauline apostolate
while her horizons grow ever longer,
broader and more beautiful.

—Blessed James Alberione, SSP

Founder of the Daughters of St. Paul


Charity Therese said...

That's really beautiful. :-)

Ashley said...

It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I read that quote and I agree with you that it is very inspiring. I hope it does end up on the brochure, for it will definately strike a chord with many. :)

Lisa said...

I remember this quote and still think it is not only beautiful but also really compelling. If it speaks to you, it's an invitation that cannot be declined.

Janelle said...

I like it very much. The fifth and sixth lines are not as appealing to me as the rest of it, but I only noticed this after I had read it a few times. Then again, I am still dating, so perhaps these lines resonate differently if one is more actively discerning.