Wednesday, May 20, 2009


...that would be me, sort of. I got back from Milwaukee a couple of hours ago, prayed for a while and now I'm off to choir practice. (Sadly, the "choir year" is fast drawing to a close...but I won't miss the late practices!) I don't have another talk lined up until June 4: does that mean I will be able to clear some of these half-done projects from my office? I sure hope so! But this weekend my sister and her daughter are coming (by train!) to see our beautiful city--and I hope to spend time with them. I guess the projects will have to wait (again).


harv681 said...

WooHoo!! "Big trip on train!" We can hardly wait!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to pack your miraculous medals and holy water. angels on rails. Love, M&M
Mom and Memaw