Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please pray for...

On Sunday evening, I learned that my Dad's brother-in-law, my Uncle Joe, had died. It was two months after he had a stroke (my cousin found her Dad on the floor when she came to pick him up for Sunday Mass). I put a prayer request for Uncle Joe and my cousins on the many social networks I participate in: Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Plaxo and Hi5. And ever since, I have been getting promises of prayer for Uncle Joe from all over the world.
What did the Poor Souls do before the Internet?
Now I have just posted another intention, for "John" (intestinal cancer). This was the friend who played the matchmaker for my sister Mary and her husband. My brother-in-law is taking his friend's grim prognosis very hard. Please pray for him, too.
Wherever you are in the world.

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Anonymous said...

I gladly join you and everyone who will be reached because of you in praying for Joe and John.