Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Angel of the El Train

My plane from New Orleans landed at 6:30 yesterday afternoon, and by the time I got my luggage (an unusually long wait for Midway--long enough to befriend all the people who had been on the flight with me) and made my way toward the Orange Line El station, I was so tired I hit an alarm button instead of the elevator button that would help me deal with my multiple wheelies. I would have been embarrassed (the alarm button had a huge sign over it that read "NOT FOR ELEVATOR," but the only word that registered in my weary brain was "ELEVATOR"), but this must happen a lot. No one ever showed up and the alarm squealed away as I exited the elevator and fished my commuter card out of my pocket. Timing was good: the train got to the Loop right before a Green Line train, so I hopped off of one and onto the next. The Green Line would deposit me practically at the back door of the convent in just three stops. The only problem I faced was getting down two sets of stairs from the elevated platform. I called Sr. Irene to see if she could meet me on the platform and help me with my suitcase, but she wasn't home, and the Tuesday night Bible class was in session, limiting my possibilities of catching any of the other sisters--but I was going to try! I got off the train and worked my two wheelies onto the platform. Then I had to maneuver with the gate, almost tripping when my computer case caught on the side bar. At that point, a young businessman, immersed in his iPod, noticed my struggles. Earbuds still firmly in place, he reached over and held the gate. "Do you need help getting down the stairs?" Yes, I really did. He left his place and carried my 40-pound suitcase all the way down two levels, right down to the sidewalk. "You must be an angel in disguise!" I said. He answered that he travels enough to know how hard it can be to deal with luggage. I couldn't "God bless" him enough. I am still praying for him today.
And when I saw Sr. Irene, she said that when she missed my call, she had asked her guardian angel to find someone to help me.


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Every time you take a flight my farewell prayer is "angels on wings" but hereafter that will also cover steep stairways and back breaking luggage

Ruth Ann said...

I enjoyed this story, Sister Anne. So glad you found help with your baggage and made it home safely.