Saturday, May 23, 2009

12 Stars?

One of the songs we're practicing for Pentecost is a musical setting of a poem by an Anglican divine of centuries past. The poet imagined the sun and stars looking down on Pentecost day, seeing "twelve stars" shining more brightly than the sun. Most depictions of Pentecost in icons and art offer the same image of the "twelve." But Scripture says there were ten times that many believers "gathered in one place" when the Spirit came: 120!
Pray for an ample outpouring of the Spirit in Chicago as new priests are ordained for the Archdiocese. (New deacons coming tomorrow.)

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Katie P. said...

Hey, I was thinking about this same thing. I was thinking, naturally, it's an image of the 12 apostles...

It's this text that gets me there:
"The sun which once did shine alone,
Hung down his head, and wisht for night,
When he beheld twelve suns for one
Going about the world, and giving light."

To me, the sun is Jesus/Christ here. Hung down his head and wished for night = crucifixion. When he gave his 12 his light (Pentecost) to take to the world.

I love George Herbert. Honestly. So good. And Ives. Also so good.