Monday, April 27, 2009

I was scheduled to be speaking to the Sisters of the Holy Family just about now...but a virus has forced a change of plans. We'll try to reschedule tomorrow. Hope I can beat this nasty thing at least enough to participate attentively in my nephew's Confirmation tomorrow evening. I have really been looking forward to that! Jamie is taking the name Jude, which is his father's middle name. (We always said that my brother was aptly placed under the patronage of the saint of impossible cases.)
Prayers requested for my dear friend Kathy who will be undergoing cancer surgery on Tuesday. It's a rare cancer of a salivary gland. More prayers for Fr. Fred, who sometimes comments on this blog. He has been in the hospital since Holy Week. And a little prayer for me, too (even though Mom doesn't mind bringing me popsicles and kleenex all day while I'm on vacation)...

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