Thursday, April 16, 2009

Housewares and elsewheres

Made chocolate ice cream today. It was a big hit. Not much leftover, I can tell you. (Thank heavens, because the freezer has been quite iffy for the past several weeks.) And so now we're getting a new fridge. The current one has been doing this odd back-and-forth on us, sometimes functioning perfectly and other times heating up its outside walls and melting all the ice cream, which is not a good thing after forty days of Lent. So we found a model on sale, pretty basic, but .3 cubic feet bigger than the present one (!), and it should be delivered in a week. I won't be here to welcome it. In fact, Mom is looking forward to welcoming me in New Orleans on Monday. I'm taking a bit of an early home visit this year, since my calendar was pretty free and summer is looking mighty busy.
Tomorrow Sr. Helena and I will be loading up the books and our PowerPoints and heading off to the annual conference of the Institute on Religious Life. It is a pretty big deal for both of us to have been invited to give presentations this year. Mine will be on St. Paul, the one I've been giving the most around here, only (a) shorter and (b) more focused on the theme of the conference, which is "Co-workers of the Gospel." The venue is Mundelein, and the weather is expected to be, thankfully, lovely, which is a bonus. Can I have your prayers for this? My talk will be Saturday morning, Sr. Helena's that afternoon. Back on Sunday and then off to NOLA on Monday!


Lisa said...

Sounds like fun! Save the recipe for the chocolate ice cream. I might be attending a conference in Chi-Town in October. If so, I'd like to stop by for a visit. I will keep you posted.


St. Faustina said...

Prayers for you Sr. Anne!!!!

God Bless!

xaipe said...

We'd love to have you over, Lisa!

harv681 said...

...and so we'll be expecting home-made chocolate ice cream at Mom's!!