Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Someone asked me if I'm giving anything up for Lent. Not really. But today (it's late, but it's still only the first week of Lent!) I decided I could try to "put up" with something for Lent. As in, winter. Because this is Chicago and winter is, well, you know, still in its prime, so to speak. I suppose I was inspired by the first reading, with its reminder, "Just as the rain and snow come down from heaven and do not return there until they have watered the earth...so shall my Word be."
What about you? Are you "putting up" or "giving up" for Lent?


mary montgomery aka greatgranmary said...

Okay so my baby boy may have had a little more attention than his three sisters. Woman's libber that I am I didn't mean to. And I am now utterly devoted to my grand girls. But my boy, my baby , is in a far away country protecting the protectors as a civilian security guard. There are 2 civilians for every 1 military. He found bombs and contraband coming onto the base, he has a tooth ache that has to be seen to by civilian doctors because he is not military and our country who doesn't like to admit that they couldn't run the base without "his kind" won't acknowledge his need because he isn't supposed to exist.
So this Lent I am working on forgiveness--of the people who got us into the war, for the injustices of waging a war unprepared ect ect. Names come to mind of people safe in their homes and their new lives as civilians after getting this mess started and I have to just hold them before God and release them. This a bitter winter and a bitter Lent. I look with hope to the springing forth of God's plan.

Katie said...

I've been thinking about this one for awhile but my resolve somewhat mirrors yours and was inspired by a Jesuit friend who was also commenting on the winter.

I've had a hard time seeing anything but the dull, gray, cold winter-ness around here lately. It's colored my whole life. So, this Lent, instead of giving something up (which ultimately becomes easy for me...after 2 days I forget how chocolate tastes or whatever and it's smooth sailing), I'm resolving to find the beauty in everything I'm doing and the place I am. The resolve is basically, whenever I feel a complaint bubbling up to stop and examine where the wonder might be.

I've done it for a week and so far so good. It's hard. But it's qualitatively changed the way I'm living, even if it is in a very small way.

Fred said...

My congregation is going to love you people...what wonderful suggestions! And it is never to late to begin, or to change...the right time is now! I will let my people know...
Father Fred, CMF