Thursday, March 26, 2009

"The enemies of human life and religious freedom...are well funded"

Cardinal George (Archbishop of Chicago) released a hard-hitting letter on a bill currently before the Illinois legislature.
The "Reproductive Health and Access Act" (HB 2354) establishes abortion as so inalienable a human right that anyone who attempts to restrict it "should be legally punished." The bill, according to Cardinal George, "removes freedom of conscientious decision-making for health care workers as a condition of their employment."
If you are in Illinois, please contact your legislator* about this "threat to our freedom to practice our religion in our State"; if you are outside of this state, read the Cardinal's letter in order to be informed about this "well funded" effort. (Your state's turn is surely coming.)
Meanwhile, from the other side, here is a little something from a group that is advocating for the bill... and here's a list of supporters and of the results they hope for.

*From the Archdiocese of Chicago website:
Please call your Illinois State Representative with this message:
“Vote NO on HB 2354. The bill is extreme. It declares abortion to be a fundamental right and it invalidates a health care professional’s right of conscience.”

The bill also seeks to :
* Make abortion a fundamental right, preventing any common-sense regulation such as parental notification
* Expand public funding of abortion through Medicaid at a time when the State cannot even meet its current fiscal obligations
* Invalidate the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act protecting health care professionals and employers
* Mandate comprehensive sex education for all children in public schools
* Establish a liability shield for abortion providers who harm pregnant women

Visit the Illinois General Assembly's web site at to find your Legislator. If you encounter any difficulties, please call the Catholic Conference of Illinois at 312-368-1066.

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