Monday, February 16, 2009

TOB A-list

We had a TOB brainstorming session today, partly in person, partly online, partly by conference call. Christopher West and Fr. Loya couldn't make it, but we did exchange ideas with:

  • Vicky Thorn, founder of Project Rachel and speaker on the science that supports the Theology of the Body. Vicki will be speaking this week in Madison, WI (Feb. 19; make it if you can; free but registration required) and on the 28th of this month in Milwaukee
  • Mark Wassmer from Mike Mangione and his band
  • Anastasia Northrup from TOBIA and Our Father's Will Communications (your source for Fr. Loya's DVDs and other TOB conference recordings)
  • Kelly and Scott from Share a CD (a low-cost CD service, so you can spread the TOB message freely)

Plus, Deacon Dan (I hope I have his name right) from Toronto, Marta from Miami, Steve from Ascension Press, and Jenny from Toronto (who got the ball rolling in the first place to have this meeting). And others, including four FSPs: Sr. Kathryn and Sr. Grace in Boston, and Sr. Helena and I from here in Chicago.
You can find most of the above on Facebook; we are using the group "Theology of the Body & HV - Free Resources" to share info on events and opportunities. Join us to stay up to date on TOB around the world!

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