Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost in Cyberspace

Somehow yesterday's post seems to have been stalled until today. And today has been such a busy day, this is only my first chance at the keyboard. No e-mail, no status updates on Twitter. Nothing! It's our community day, so we have had lots of time together. Not that I did my part for the housecleaning yet. But I did go to Chinatown with Sr. Barbara to show her where to get the great noodles, bean buns, sesame oil and ... treats. (Note to self: more than 2 minutes in micro produces burnt bean buns. Not a treat.)
I'm still pulling my talks together for next weekend's retreat in St. Paul. It's not quite where I need it to be yet, but I do have some more notes. (That's what I was doing in choir, yesterday, flipping the music over so I could scribble another idea on my church bulletin!) Somehow these things always come together in the end, but today it doesn't feel like it. (Time for an act of faith!)

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