Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fiat, in a TOB kind of way

I'm still working on my Paul talks for next week's retreat (in Saint Paul) and had a funny insight, a kind of theology of the body insight on Mary and Paul. Because Mary's response to her calling was "Be it done to me." But what did Paul say? Guy that he was, Paul wanted to know, "Lord, what would you have me DO?"

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mary montgomery aka greatgranmary said...

I think our dear Father St.Paul got it when he(or whoever) wrote the hotly debated 1Cor:11 about the "created order". He fumbles so. He doesn't seem to be able to get his head around his own logic. Then all of a sudden as if getting a flash he says'but man comes from woman". I don't think he was talking about birth I think he was finally getting the meaning of Incarnation. When the angel spoke to Mary she already knew what she was to do--nothin. The Spirit would come over her and begin to form Christ in her. She had no idea how he was gonna get out but hey the difference between Mary and Paul is that she doesn't seem to sweat the small stuff. She is available, she is empty of the 'stuff' Paul has to let go of in Phillipians.
I have often wondered if I have 'worked' too hard to have Christ formed in me. Someday I would like to tell the story of how He became one with me--I didn'y do nothin then either and sure wasn't at my 'holiest' self. He just showed up--and I have spent years trying to make sense of it and work at it when the 'task' was just to 'be'. Paul got it later,in his prison letters when he had to 'be' and not 'do'.
Yes there is a lot to do to get the message out and save the world from itself, but first what about ourselves? When we say the Angelus do we get all mired in what might happen to us if we say our yes or do we like Mary get a little excited about the new life that is forming within us and all it's potential. Thats my newest take on the Angelus and what St. Paul saw---he saw the creation story turned on it's head and with it the invitation to everyone to their yes to allowing Christ to formed in them.