Saturday, February 07, 2009

Everyone's Favorite Apostle

Even in this Year of St. Paul, everyone's favorite Apostle is still St. Jude. His popularity owes a great deal, at least in this country, to the Claretian Fathers and their Shrine of St. Jude, here in Chicago. Next week, in fact (Valentine's Day!), the Claretians will begin celebrating four score years of novenas to the "forgotten" Apostle, and they will be doing it in style (with a novena, of course). My friend and frequent commenter, Father Fred, tells me that the novena will be held three times a day, twice in English (2:30 and 5:30 each afternoon) and in the evening in Spanish (at 7:45, after Mass). The English preacher is the much-published Blessed Sacrament Father Paul Bernier, and the Spanish preacher is the Claretian's own Brother Manuel Benavides, who has the reputation of being an outstanding speaker. (If only I knew Spanish as well as I know Italian!)
Everything is happening at the St. Jude Shrine, located at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 3200 East 91st St. in the far southesast side of Chicago.
Does anyone have a St. Jude story to share? The only one I have brother's middle name is Jude (we always said it was because he was impossible).


Fred said...

Great lady! Thank you very much...We would love to hear from anyone with a story of gratitude or a petition...
For the time being, please send them to me at
Thanks again!
Father Fred,CMF

Laura said...

My college friend Mary had no middle name, so she picked Jude.
(She felt she needed him.)
So, from then on, we called her Mary-Jude.
or just Hey Jude.