Friday, February 27, 2009


Sometimes you just take air for granted. Not me! Not today, at any rate.
I've been battling a headache since I woke up yesterday. Now everyone else in the building has one, too. And the carbon monoxide alarm was going off. Uh-oh.
Sr Helena tracked the problem down to the building next door: they have a generator going full time, right by our building's air intake vent. Step two is getting the generator turned OFF. Meanwhile, I have been working on third floor, with the fire escape door wide open. It only let in a little snow, along with the brisk (but hopefully fresh) air.
In a way, Lent is like that: opening a door, letting the unexpectedly brisk air sweep away the stale and even noxious fumes that we somehow get used to breathing in day after day.
But I do hope we get that generator shut off before the weekend...

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