Thursday, January 22, 2009

Latin CD released!!!!

Here it is!
And I'm so pleased with the cover, too!

I haven't seen (or heard) the finished product yet, but it appeared on the PBM website, which is a very good sign that it has actually been released and is on its way to our stores (and as many other Catholic bookstores who have had the foresight and wisdom to pre-order it). The web page has little clips of some of the songs, so you can get a taste of the style. As I may have mentioned, it is something along the lines of "Enya meets Gregorian chant" (in Church, of course).

What's inside: Vexilla Regis ProdeuntAve Regina Caelorum/Ave Maris StellaSalve Regina ∙ Adoro Te, Devote ∙ Tantum Ergo, SacramentumAve Verum Corpus NatumUbi CaritasTe Joseph In Paradisum


Chelsea M said...

I heard a sneak peak of two of the songs and it was more than enough to get me jumping up and down saying, "So when can I get about about NOW..." :D
It's very well done and sounds spectaular!
I can't wait to buy it and listen to it all the way through! ;D

Lisa said...

Oh I can't wait to hear this!