Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today at Mass, the phrase "heaven and earth are full of your glory" really struck me. Especially the "and earth" part. "The kindness and love of God our Savior has appeared." (I love that reading from Christmas day.) That's the focal point of Christmas, in a way: the glory of God filling the earth; becoming one with the earth in human nature. Heaven and earth are always full of God's glory, but I rarely notice it or give thanks and praise for it. I get too absorbed by the non-glorious things, the falling-short, the missteps. And the glory of God is there, filling the earth all along.

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Father Fred said...

I certainly know that experience...the first time I presided at Eucharist that phrase almost clobbered me over the did several others that I had said "sotto voce" for as "the leader of God's people in prayer" such language had a whole new meaning for me...and continues to surprise me.
How amazing is the language of our prayer.
Please return home safely...
Father Fred, CMF