Friday, December 05, 2008

Here's the local coverage of last night's concert (the biggest Christmas event on Staten Island)... The newspaper featured a picture on the front page, and three large pictures on the inside page with the full article. The highlight for us (and possibly for the Monsignor in the article) was when the venerable pastor of St. Peter's Parish came up and played the conga drums for a calypso-style song. Turns out that in his pre-clerical days, James Dorney played drums on the road with Desi Arnaz. (We're going back a while, now.)
We have another concert tonight; this one is at St. Athanasius Parish in Brooklyn. They were our best audience last year, and some of the people from last night's event said they were coming tonight, too. (Many people, Msgr. Dorney among them, said that it was our best concert ever.)
There's still another week to go: our final concert is next Thursday in Philadelphia.

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