Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feast of the Holy Family

Happy Feast Day:
  • all members of families
  • the members of the Holy Family Institute
  • all religious congregations under the patronage of the Holy Family
  • to all my family, too!

The stained glass window is from St. Joseph's Church, Chicago, where we went to Mass on Christmas Day (and where I was immediately conscripted as lector!). (After Mass, while the sisters greeted the priests and people, I went around with a camera...)
The Church, originally established by German Benedictines, has just been restored to pristine "Arts and Crafts" era beauty, and it is just splendid. Unfortunately for the parish, at least for now, the majority of parishioners leave the city for Christmas, so there was a very sparse congregation. But the area is on an upswing, and more families will hopefully be moving in to fill the pews.

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Lisa said...

Did you happen to see any of my Sisters of Christian Charity there? Several of the Sisters from the Western Province reside there at St. Joseph's. The photo of the window is great. It reminds me that I really need to download/upload a whole bunch of pictures I have on my camera. Let's see if I get to it this weekend. It's been pending on my "to do" list :)