Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Novena, Day 8

The Founder "guided our meditation. He spoke to us with such power that it seemed to have imprinted itself on my very soul: 'Jesus Christ is the universal King; his salvation is for all peoples. He is the Teacher and Savior of all humanity. The work of the good press [as we called it then] must aim to make the Word of God reach many people, even those who do not go to Church. We are working so that the Reign of God will be spread throughout the world.' Some time later, while we were preparing the leaflet [missalettes], he passed by and asked: 'What are you working on?' We answered, 'We are preparing the packages of "La Domenica",' And he said, 'No, you are not just making packages: you are preaching to many people'."
Sr. Assunta Bassi, fsp (one of the first FSPs; she was about 14 at the time this episode took place)

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