Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Novena, Day 2

Today the O Antiphons begin! See my 2006 post about this secret Christmas code.
Now, for the Novena, we start with a mission-oriented thought, this time from our Founder:
"A good part of today's world suffers from a shortage of bread. There is a far greater shortage of the spiritual bread brought by Jesus. 'I am the Bread of Life,' he said. Countless people live completely unaware of their destiny. They have no other thought than the present. Yet in a short time, death brings them to eternity. There are few to prepare them with this bread. 'There is no one to break it for them.' They die of hunger without understanding their hunger. Jesus is Bread-Truth. The apostle of the media of communication is another Jesus Christ who echoes and amplifies to people of every age and place what Jesus preached and taught on earth."
Bl. James Alberione

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