Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas giving

Mom is giving chickens and goats this year as Christmas gifts. Of course, the recipients won't see so much as a feather: the chickens and goats are going to needy families through Heifer International. It's a wonderful way to help a family provide food, work and an economic leg-up, and so much more meaningful as a Christmas gift than giving new stuff to people who already have lots.
Today I also got a request from "The Women's Centers" of greater Chicagoland. Now there's an opportunity for some profoundly meaningful Christmas giving: a donation to this organization, or to the equally worthy "Aid for Women" or any number of similar groups is a way to honor the Lord's coming among us as a needy, helpless infant by providing women in crisis pregnancy situations with the medical and practical resources they need. Many of these crisis pregnancy centers host Christmas parties for mothers and children; call to see what supplies they are low on, or what special items they may need. You could also send a donation to places like St. Fidelis, where homeless mothers and their babies find shelter and resources to get a new start.
Whether it's chickens and goats or baby wipes and blankets, Christmas giving can be more meaningful than ever.


Anonymous said...

This idea is really catching on. Deo Gratias.

Anonymous said...

My daughter at about age 8 was enraptured with all things "pig". She got in the car after Mass and announced, "They are selling pigs in the back of church!" I explained that they were not taking orders for delivery (to our Chicago apartment!) but that one could a donation so that a poor family on a farm would get a pig. She was *very* disappointed. ;)


xaipe said...

Here's another great possibility: sponsoring much-needed obstetrical care and baby supplies to mothers in the Holy Land: