Monday, November 03, 2008

What a wonderful weekend with the Pauline Cooperators in New Jersey! Fr. Antonio da Silva provided some breathtakingly deep insights into our spirituality--while attempting to keep translating, I did manage to capture a few things for myself--and Sr. Mary Lea from our Culver City (CA) community gave a deceptively insightful presentation, wrapped in her understated, humorous style. I got most of Sr. Lea's talk on video and hope to put it on ustream. I also got Fr. da Silva's talk (with my running translation from his Italian) on video--but since no one was doing any camera work (I put it on a table, hit "record" and went to my post at the mike), I have no idea if the video will be usable. Hopefully the audio will, though. (He gave some interesting information on the Pauline sainthood candidates, too. Being the postulator general, he knows something about that.)
Speaking of Pauline sainthood, the cure that Fr. da Silva was investigating got written up in the Delaware newspaper. Rae Stabosz (the healed child's grandmother) was with Fr. da Silva all week, and with us all weekend. While I was there, I got another prayer request, this time from New Orleans, for a toddler named Ashton. We prayed for his full healing through Bl. James Alberione's intercession, and I'm bringing home some medals for Ashton and his family. Please join us in prayer.
I'll be back in Chicago for just a few days, and then returning to Philadelphia, where I am at the moment, to give some talks on St. Paul. (Anybody in Philly reading this?)

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