Thursday, November 06, 2008

TSA, here I come!

My last encounter with the TSA (coming home from Philadelphia on Monday) presented me with a new reason for traveling by train. 
As I was approaching the first security desk, passport and boarding pass in hand, some friendly passengers behind me asked me if I had to remove my veil for the security screening. Not yet, thankfully. (I didn't know that baseball hats have to go through the X-ray machine.) I dutifully took the camcorder out of its case, placed it in the grey bin along with my jacket and shoes, put my backpack on the belt and waited my turn at the screening gate. The agent signaled and I went through, returning his nod, and then I moved toward the belt to pick up my things. 
Not so fast.
A female TSA agent was at my side, walking me toward the roped-off zone back by the X-ray gate. I had a choice: she could pat me down right there, or escort me somewhere off stage. The reason? My "voluminous skirt." This does not bode well for all the winter travel on my calendar. Winter wear tends to, you know, amplify the "volume" one is already blessed with.
Tomorrow morning I'm going back to Philly. (I left my suitcase there so I can travel light.) My only question at this point is...does this habit make me look voluminous?


Fred said...

Not to worry! She was probably either curious or jealous...unless you have been having too many Italian meals, our Father Ted always describes you as delicate...Safe travel, good talks...God be with you!
Father Fred, VMF

Anonymous said...

Well, voluminous no. Luminous, yes.

harv681 said...

Habeney Hips. Our family legacy.