Thursday, November 06, 2008

O Happy Fault!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon struggling to put some video up on the Pauline Spirit ustream channel. Originally, I had hoped to post all of the weekend's conferences so that our sisters, cooperators, vowed laity and women in discernment could benefit from it. Well, the video posted just fine, but there was no audio. Correction: there was audio, but it was from me making noises in my office. Typing sounds, paper noises, throat clearing, maybe even (horrors!) a phone call or a shout down the hall for someone. I put up pitiful requests for help on Plurk and Twitter, and many good souls tried to come to my aid from as far away as the Netherlands (thanks, Inge!). Alas.
I downloaded a recommended program (SoundFlower) and tried that. Then, hanging my aching head in defeat, I left the stream flowing online and went off to Mass. I was not two blocks away when *bingo* I knew just what I needed to do. Not only that, the audio problems I was having with this pre-recorded video revealed the solution to the complaints our Theology of the Body study group people had been saying for the past several video sessions: that they could hear me just fine, but that Fr. Loya's voice was "far away," despite the clip-on mike.
I had the wrong "audio source" indicated. All this time, months and months now, I neglected to change the default from "built-in mic" to "DV audio" (or, in the case of pre-recorded content--admittedly a much more complicated situation--using the newly installed SoundFlower channels).
Such are the ways of Providence that our Theology of the Body online study group will now have enhanced audio because I had such migraine-inducing trouble yesterday trying to do something else.

Speaking of TOB, our monthly study group will meet here as usual on the second Wednesday of the month with Fr. Loya (yes, next Wednesday at 6:30 Chicago time, 7:30 New York time), but the online session will stream later, most likely on FRIDAY. There is no message that is more life-giving than the Theology of the Body: do your friends a favor and invite them to watch the streaming video class with you. Get a group together to listen and discuss the most unlikely good news our culture could ever here! ( -- in the archives, you can identify the TOB classes because the clips all feature Fr. Loya; the other clips are from the Pauline Spirit channel).

As for the videos I posted yesterday, you will find them at and click on the video clips to the upper left of the archive box. I'm posting more today, God willing! (Sr. Mary Lea's talk on St. Paul was outstanding.)

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