Monday, November 24, 2008

Murphy's Church Law?

Just heard the worst-case sad-sack scenario story of the year...
62-year-old Chicago woman lost her job two months back. Got a notice that her apartment building was going into foreclosure. Hadn't been real strict with her church-going lately. Went to a dear friend to share the burden. Devout friend invited her to bring it all to the Lord at an all-night Vigil in the chapel at Catholic Charities.
Woman goes to the chapel. Kneels to pray by the window.
The huge, heavy-framed window in the hundred-year-old building.
The window that had just been repaired.
I guess the devil didn't want that woman having too much recourse to the Lord...

Window, frame and all, popped off the wall and onto the woman, knocking her to the floor.
Ambulance came.
Brought her to Big Name University Hospital, just blocks away.
Hospital wouldn't do x-rays because woman didn't have insurance.


Anonymous said...

Why can't the Big Name University Hospital be named? You don't suppose it was Charity Hospital.

Fred said...

Is Anonymous above who I think it probably has the initials NW which is where I go in Chicago...but isn't Catholic Charities responsible in some way...and their contractor...they should make sure this poor woman who only wanted to pray gets the best possible medical attention at NO COST TO HER...if not, she should sue...and I am anti litigation! Wake up people!
Father Fred, CMF