Monday, October 13, 2008

Wedding invitation

I'm still thinking about yesterday's Gospel--you remember it, right? The king who sent out wedding invitations, only to have 100% no-shows on the great day? Why people thought their farm or business had a higher priority than a royal wedding banquet is beyond me (I always give food-related invitations a very high priority!), but then... it is so much easier to give practical priority to the things had hand rather than something outside of my area of control. Maybe that is what was going on.
I find that I need to focus more, though, on the invitation itself. Because we have all received that wedding invitation. It is the invitation to let God's love and praise be the dominant note in our daily life. (Imagine how effective our evangelizing efforts would be if believers typically looked and acted like people who were about to go to a wedding feast!)
Probably this is catching my attention in a particular way because I am preparing my Oct. 25 talk on how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. The Church understands this as the prayer of the Bride, the Church, to her Head and Bridegroom, Christ. So every day as we open this book, we are unsealing a wedding invitation.

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Fred said...

Hats off to you good ladies who managed to do all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in the middle of trauma and confusion...Your presence alone would have been enough, your care...a manifestation of God's abundant love. Thank you for your Gospel witness.
Father Fred, CMF