Friday, October 31, 2008

HB to me

I'm traveling this weekend: heading to a retreat house in Princeton NJ to do simultaneous translation for our Pauline Cooperators Conference. The principal speaker is Father Antonio da Silva, Postulator General for the Pauline Family. That means he is the one in charge of researching and presenting the "causes" for canonization for members we thought were especially remarkable for holiness of life. He's in the States right now looking into the unusual cure of a little boy in Philadelphia. Was it a miracle obtained through the intercession of Blessed James Alberione? That's a question the Vatican will ultimately answer, presuming the process makes it that far. Here's the Grandma's take on it

It's more than a travel day for me, though. (Start singing the Birthday song.)
Yep, that's me. I don't look like it here, but I've always loved having a birthday on such a fun day. And I share the day with two other Daughters of St. Paul: Happy Birthday, Sr. Mary Rita! Happy Birthday, Sr. Sean Marie David!
Any other Halloween babies out there to greet?


Fred said...

Well, Happy Halloween - Birthday! You are one of the special people in my life, all born at this time of year, from my oldest friend Matt to Anna Maria, Ivan, Lauren (my Godchild) and a few others...all treats and no tricks...what a blessing!
I am also traveling to Philly for a Shrine Directors' conference...I wonder if our favorite Professor will be there...When we return to Chicago we have got to have a long overdue visit!
Peace and save travel...
Father Fred, CMF

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my firstborn. What a blessing you have always been. Love, Moi

Anonymous said...

The witch costume has changed into a habit, but I would know that angelic face anywhere. Love and hugs from your godmother.

Lisa said...

I didn't forget; I just didn't get to do bloghopping.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Sister,
Happy Birthday to you!
(and many, many more!!!)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, what a cheery greeting for the birthday girl. Have you given any thought to joining the singing sisters, Peace.

Anonymous said...

Sister, for a good laugh, wander over to the Visitation Nuns at Georgetown to see how they celebrate the 10/31 birthday of one of their own. It is the post dated 11/28