Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Read

In preparing for my talk on the Liturgy of the Hours, I picked up a book that had somehow come my way, and boy, am I glad! It's a rather scholarly treatment of Augustine's approach to the interpretation of the psalms, something that has been the subject of mocking insinuation more than of serious scholarly research. I am running out of those nice little Post-It tabs that I am so devoted to in marking lines I want to copy down or incorporate in one or another presentations. While contemporary scripture scholars focus on the historical-critical approach, seeking the "literal" meaning of the books of the Bible, Augustine makes use of allegory, imagination and above all, beauty, to move the hearts of his hearers. The ancient bishop was not writing for peer review: he was preparing homilies!
I recommend this book especially to priests and deacons, and any who pray the Liturgy of the Hours on a consistent basis. In some pages, it will be a hard slog (as Augustine himself can be), but I am confident you will find it well worth the effort!

You will see that I am adding an Amazon link for this title; this book isn't in our database (yet), so until our online bookstore is ready, I'll try to provide links (and the Daughters will get a tiny "rebound" from Amazon on any purchases!).

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xaipe said...

I was happy to hear from the book's author a week after this post! He's on the faculty at Duke University, and worked right down the street from us here in Chicago until quite recently.