Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fan Mail

The archdiocesan paper has been running a series of articles I'm writing on St. Paul. And recently I got my first "fan mail" for the series:
"Just a note to say thank you for the very fine article you wrote about St. Paul. The icon of St. Paul preaching is most expressive. I love it. I am going to save the article and picture. Sincerely..."
Imagine, this was all written by hand, and came in an envelope with a stamp on it! Real mail! God bless the lady who took the time to express her appreciation. The icon she referred to is by a Daughter of St. Paul, I believe. It was only reproduced in black and white in the paper; you get to see it in living color.


Anonymous said...

Congratulaltions on your fan mail. It is long overdue. I am sure that there are many admirers who appreciate your gifts and your blog, but feel awkward about expressing themselves...such as I.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that the person holding the scroll is St. Paul. Any idea who the others depicted happen to be. Their shoes are very much in vogue today. harv68