Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Season

Autumn is what we Paulines call "an intense apostolic season." This is when we put the most miles on the odometer mostly because of the number of diocesan religious education conferences that fall during this time of year. (I just got back from a teachers' conference in Milwaukee--going with a volunteer in a borrowed van, since three other sisters and our two vans are otherwise occupied farther afield.) And tomorrow Sr. Thecla and I will run a book display for the Ambassadors of Mary, who hold their annual Our Lady of Fatima observance every October. (I'm cantoring for that, too, but that's beside the point.) All this activity can create a kind centrifugal force, though: the more we have going on, the more we may think we can do, ought to do, must do. It can keep spiraling outward until we are living on a treadmill. It's a real grace for me that precisely in this "intense apostolic season" I am finding the words of Psalm 127 especially helpful: "If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do the builders labor."

What else are we up to besides book displays? Well... I'll admit to testing this online Pauline trivia game, a very cute idea from a parish in Mexico. Try it yourself--but make sure to make a mistake or two to activate the "swords and shipwreck" feature. If you know all the answers, it is very boring.

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Fernando Pérez Valdez said...

Thanks for your comments. Indeed the game is boring if you konw all the answers and, but of course, we would like everybody could know all of them and much more. That's our goal!!

Very cordially, Fernando Pérez Valdez
St. Paul interactive game developer