Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What a surprise!

There was a small box with my backlog of mail. Although the label was from our motherhouse, I didn't recognize the handwriting on it. And the packaging certainly wasn't done in our shipping department. (They'd never seal a box with masking tape!) Naturally, I tore into it. At first, all I saw was bunched-up paper, but on the side of the box was a flap of letterhead.

RE: Come to Jesus
Dear Sr. Flanagan:
Editions Des Beatitudes in France has published the above referenced title. It is our custom to send copies of the published books to the authors. I hope that you are as pleased with it as we are.
Your book will now be able to touch people throughout the world, reaching people you perhaps never dreamed of touching.

Well, they certainly got that part right.
In the box were four copies of "Viens rencontrer Jesus: Petit manuel pour introduire les enfants a l'adoration eucharistique."

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULations on the honor of having your book Come to Jesus translated and printed into the french language by THEM. I am so proud of you and I look forward to receiving one of the copies which were sent to you., ma petite. Je vous embrasse,Moi