Monday, September 29, 2008

From generation to generation

My first great-niece was born this morning: the first of a new generation in our family. I'm still waiting for pictures, other than the teeny cell-phone pics my Mom sent, which, well, don't really let me know anything other than that little Leah Claire has seen the light of day on this feast of the Archangels. (May they be her guardians and guides all her life long!)


Anonymous said...

Pictures of Leah Clare will be forwarded very soon. I was not aware that her birthday is the Feast of the Archangels and prayed to Leah's Guardian Angel to protect her during this on again, off again journey, Great Grandmother

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sr. Anne on occasion of the birth of great-niece Leah Claire. And very special congratulations to Great Grandmother Winnie! Much love and a promise of prayer from Joan. This child is in the best company, not only of angels but also living reminders of God's presence (I wanted to say "living saints" but thought you all might be too humble to admit that truth.)

Anonymous said...

Joan, Thanks so much for your kind words and promise of prayer. I am so glad that you did not mention "living saints" as the mere mention of such would have dealt a lethal blow to my great humility.