Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Blessing to Romania

Sister Anna Maria Bulai will be making her first profession in Bucharest on Sunday, Sept. 7. She is the first of our Romanian sisters to make her religious vows, and comes from a family that retained their Catholic faith through that country's long dark years under Communism. In fact, Sister Anna Maria's father was a printer and did clandestine printing for the Church--so her vocation as a Daughter of St. Paul was in line with a family tradition. There will be a certain poignancy to the profession ceremony, because the faithful printer died on August 15, somewhat like the situation my family experienced when my sister was married three days after Dad's death: just as we knew that Dad was taking part in the event from heaven, the Bulais are confident that their father will be there in spirit to see his daughter profess her vows.
Please pray for Sister Anna Maria, for our little community in Romania (one of our relatively recent foundations) and for their mission in that land, and for the Bulai family, still in mourning for a fine man of God.

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Anonymous said...

How poignant. Is there any doubt that Sr. Anna Maria's father was "there" in spirit. To combine two parables, That mustard seed in Romania has been planted in good soil.