Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Father Roderick was right: "Wall*E" is a very Catholic movie, from the rusty robot's discovery of a "partner like unto himself" (the roach certainly didn't qualify!) to the nurturing of life by E.V.E. (!) and the eventual new creation under human stewardship. And delightful all the while. I also loved Peter Gabriel's "Down to Earth," sung during the credits.
This is one of those movies where the critics' "two thumbs up" really makes sense!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like another Disney-Pixar hit...I would like to see it, but judging from the last time i went and saw a movie at the theatre...sometime in october of '07, i'm sure i'll be seeing it on dvd
by Catholic movie, did you mean appropriate for Catholics? The creation story and Eve are apart of the Jewish and Muslim faiths as well...in fact, in senegal it is very common for twins to be named Adama and Hawa (adam and eve).
though, of course, i believe that story to be what it is, just a story.
black sheep,