Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today's Feast of the Visitation was a favorite of Bl. James Alberione. He saw it as the "defining" feastday of Mary, showcasing her essential mission throughout time: to bring Jesus to a waiting world.
The feastday itself is not limited to Mary's "arrival" at the house of Zechariah and Elizabeth: it is the feast of her entire stay with them, a time when blessings radiated from the unborn Christ and the Holy Spirit caused somersaults of joy in his precursor, leading his mother to prophesy and Mary to "proclaim the greatness of the Lord" for all generations.
Some fruits we could gather from today's celebration might be:
  • to recognize and confess the hidden presence of the Lord in our life
  • to give ourselves, like Mary, to God's praise
  • to renew our commitment to evangelization, according to the possibilities offered in our daily life.

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