Monday, May 12, 2008

There's a Reason

A comment on my post about the woes of recording my St. Paul talks reminded me about my years in door-to-door book ministry. We used to leave a little prayer card (usually an array of inspirational leaflets) with every person we met. One of the favorites was a comforting little poem entitled "There's a Reason." Having looked at it hundreds (thousands) of times, I memorized at least the opening verse: "For every sorrow we must bear, for every burden, every care, there's a reason."
I don't yet know the "reason" I haven't gotten a full-length recording of a single talk yet, but we did have a little experience in community this week of things seemingly going awry and working out for good. It sure didn't look that way earlier this week when Sr. Helena's review of Ironman was lost somewhere in cyberspace and didn't make the Catholic New World deadline. So her review of another movie was published instead. The Life Before Her Eyes isn't getting much attention in the entertainment pages. But today Sr. Helena said she's glad, glad, glad that the review of the blockbuster missed the deadline, because now a movie that she really hoped people would pay attention to will get...a little more attention.
There's a reason.

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