Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the secret of life

Today's Gospel is from the "Priestly Prayer" of Jesus (John 17, the whole chapter). In it, we learn the secret of life: "to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you have sent, Jesus Christ."
But that's got to be the intimate, personal kind of "knowing," not just the abstract, intellectual kind. Our Founder recommended using a simple "method" to help make sure that prayer and meditation on the Word of God led to the right kind of "knowing God." Using the mnemonic Way, Truth, Life (from John 14:6), he suggested starting out with the TRUTH that the Word offers for our mind, but only long enough to recognize or articulate it. Then let that truth address your "WAY" of living and following Jesus. Do your choices, does your way of living, reflect the reality of that truth? Because in Jesus, "truth" is for living; it is for discipleship, not just for the mind. Choose a practical expression of that truth for the day, and then turn to Jesus who is the source of LIFE with gratitude for the light you have received, with praise for the goodness of God revealed in the word of truth you have encountered, and asking the grace and strength that your way of life will be transformed...

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