Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'll be back

Canon Law calls for an official visitation of religious communities on a regular basis. This is to help renew the members in spirituality and in the mission, to communicate priorities on a more personal basis, and to allow the major superiors (those on the national and international levels) to get to know the concrete situations in which the sisters are living and the people they are serving.
So that's what we're involved in this week. It doesn't leave much time for blogging, twittering, or even taking those wonderful walks in the park! 
Please keep us in prayer. I'll be back...when I can!


Anonymous said...


Feeling your frustration over the events of the week. Even your "twittering" (whatever that is!) is being curtailed.
On the bright side, the sun here in Chicago is glorious this morning and I am feeling much gratitude for your musical offerings this year at Mt. Carmel. Such artistry you have transformed into marvelous prayer. We are so lucky to have you singing with us each week. God bless you and all the Paulines.


Anonymous said...

I will miss you. Your blog is the highlight of my day.