Monday, May 05, 2008

Food for Thought

I took advantage of the beautiful weather to bring my work out to Millennium Park. Of course, the first challenge is finding a free table! Just as I approached, a group got up from table (the umbrella'd kind!), so I set up shop there to work on my talk for Saturday ("St. Paul and the Bible"). I now have the outline for the talk. All I need now is (more) content. I prefer to be seriously over-prepared whenever I am going to be presenting something, and right now I don't have quite enough material ready. (My usual goal is to have about 10 times more information than I need to present.) I do have a stack of books piled up. (Actually, three stacks, each in a strategic location.) Plenty of food for thought. And in between things, I also prepared several months' worth of material for the "Pauline Thought a Day" widget for the Pauline Year. It's all lined up through New Year's, so far. (Did you add the widget to your blog or homepage yet?)

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