Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Attention, migraine sufferers!

You've ingested Imitrex. You've tested Topamax. You've relied on Relpax.
These prescription medicines usually do mitigate your migraines, but they have scary side effects, and cost, on average, $20 a pop.
Have I got a cure for you.
At the first sign of a migraine, go to your nearest Chipotle restaurant. Order a steak burrito with everything on it. Eat at least half of that enormous burrito.
Placebo or no placebo, the $5.95 burrito beats the $20 pill just about every time.
And it tastes better, too.

In lieu of grateful accolades, you may send me Chipotle gift cards.


Paul Merrill said...

I'm a Chipotle fan. The interchangeable alternative is Qdoba.

Both fix what ails me.

Anonymous said...

That surely beats migrafew which I have been supplying my daughter with for years. There is a little Mexican restaurant in the hood which sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Deo Gratias.

Anonymous said...

Works for that pinching feeling in one's nose with sinus pressure, too! (Also, that green horseradish sauce with Japanese food works well.)

harv681 said...

Does it work because you are too busy with an aching stomach to notice the migraine?

Anonymous said...

To Harv61, would you swap one for the other? spqr

debangel said...

this is SO weird...I had a migraine yesterday, and went to La Salsa and ingested an entire "three pepper" burrito with the works and was all better! Shhh, nobody tell the HMOs about this, the price of tortillas will go up..

Anonymous said...

Every time I eat Chipotle I GET a migraine, and it doesn't matter what I eat.