Tuesday, April 22, 2008

God's Green Earth

This year, plastic bags are out, out, out. Even illegal in some places, but definitely out of favor. Even at PBM. Not entirely for environmental reasons (we really can't afford the good quality ones we had been stocking for several years), but it's all for the best. Even better, we recently added cloth shopping bags to our inventory, the lightweight scrunchable kind you can get for one environmentally conscious dollar. And ours even come with a nice Papal quote about care for creation. I would include a picture of them, but we ran out, just in time for Earth Day.
I guess that's actually a good thing, but I hope we get some more in soon!


Anonymous said...

Earth day, plastic bags out (save the planet) paper bags out (save the trees) cloth bags in (save the shopper). That'll work for one day.

harv681 said...

I recycle plastic grocery bags by using them to pick up what my dogs leave behind on our evening constitutional. When these bags are no longer available, I'm going to have to find another way to keep my neighborhood free of biological land mines!