Tuesday, March 18, 2008

to commend one's spirit

Today I had to "commend" a bit of my spirit--it's certainly a good time of year for something like that. A writing project I had initiated is being redirected, and will be entrusted to someone more expert than I. It needs to be that way for the sake of the audience. It's just a tough thing to have to do. I find (this only happened shortly after noon!) that I keep second-guessing the matter, wondering if perhaps I should have seen if another publisher would want the project as I originally envisioned it... But in the end, it's just an "I commend my spirit" sort of a thing.
I hope this tiny little communion with Jesus in his dying means I'll have a really grace-filled Easter!


Anonymous said...

What a gut wrenching experience. You must be very close to Jesus to "commend your spirit" in this dark hour. You gave this project your all and other wills have prevailed. Hindsight is twenty twenty. A grace filled Easter awaits you.

Anonymous said...

How Pauline of you...one sows, another waters and yet another reaps. "You done good, Sister. I was also reminded of Joan Chittister's book on struggle and hope. In the end it's not the struggle but the outcome that counts...Thanks for sharing. You've enriched the Triduum for me...
Father Fred, CMF