Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick hi from San Antone

We are meeting in our little convent, surrounded by the sound of heavy equipment and hard work, having just come back from a pleasant and informative talk by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser. (Actually, we are in San Antonio because of that appointment!) The bells of San Fernando Cathedral are tolling the evening Angelus, perfect for today's feast of the Annunication, even though it falls in Regina Coeli season!
The sun has just peeked out, and we are hoping to have a little free time this evening to actually see the neighborhood.
But first? A bit of supper!


Angela said...

If you see this before you leave San Antonio, say hello to the local sisters for me!

-Angela Santana

Lisa said...

Sounds like your visit is off to a good start, S. Anne!

Anonymous said...

Are you getting the chill out of your bones before returning to the Windy City?

Anonymous said...

Just a brief historical connection: The Claretians were brought to the USA to oversee the the Cathedral in San Antinio back in 1902. We are just down the street now and our Church was used as the pro-Cathdral during the recent renovations to San Fernando. We celebrated our 100 years in the USA with over 100 Claretians from US, Canada and Mexico the week after I made my first vows in 2002!
Enjoy our city...
Fr. Fred, CMF