Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Padre Pio

I see where Padre Pio's body was exhumed. It looks like the plans are to put his remains in a glass casket and keep them visible. This is pretty common in Italy, even for saints who were not incorrupt. Our Founder, for example, rests inside a wax effigy clothed in priestly vestments and lying in a crystal casket. If the Lord had left his body incorrupt, that would make sense to me. When Sr. Julia and I were in Rome together and came upon one of these glass caskets, she would always say, "Don't do that to me! I don't care how holy I become, I don't want to be on display like that until the end of time!"
But back to Saint Pio, the article on AOL said that more Italian Catholics pray to him than to Jesus or Mary! Don't be surprised to see the good Padre spinning in his crystal urn at that.


Anonymous said...

Padre Pio's crystal coffin reminds me of an episode in my life regarding the arm of St. Francis Xavier. It was "preserved" grossly purplish in color in a see through encasement for veneration. The experience had a visceral effect upon my young body which shall not be elabaroted upon. Let the dead past bury their dead.

Kathleen Miller said...

I love Padre Pio, thank you for this post.

Here's an update on the young woman, Melissa Hackeny; who is fighting for her life. She is still very much in need of urgent prayer. Over the next couple of days she is in the danger of dying.

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