Monday, March 24, 2008

Lapsus Fidei

I have been really bothered by something I read in Sunday's paper. It was a reflection by a newly fallen-away Catholic. This was his first Easter away from the Church, a result of a decision he made just as Lent was about to begin. Kind of a "Heck, this is just too much to believe any more."
I keep wanting to respond, but I suspect that "this kind of demon can only be driven out by prayer." I say that because the essay, while reflecting some interior anguish and loss, was really characterized by arrogant language. I find it hard to get past that to the person inside who probably never knew the Church or his Catholic faith as well as he ought, or as well as he presumed. So I guess I will just keep praying for this person (and hoping someone wiser than I will find a way to get through to him!), though I really would like to dare him to read von Balthasar's "Heart of the World" (where he would find many of his objections expressed and mysteriously answered by one of the greatest minds of the 20th century: a mind that remained fully Catholic!).


jun said...


I know it's not really a replacement, but my wife and i stood as godparents during the baptism and confirmation of Agnes, our housekeeper last easter vigil. Adult baptism are rare here in the Philippines.

Some good news for a change.
God bless and happy easter!

Anonymous said...

How deep is this person's intellect? Could those sophisticated recommendations be over his head?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the "arrogant" unbeliever needs some comuppance from Francis Thompson's Hound of Heaven "Ah, fondest blindest weakest, I am He whom thou seekest."

Anonymous said...

Sister, it's always safe to pray. You may not receive the answer that you want, but it's safe.

Anonymous said...

Joining you in prayer, Sister. I had the same reaction when I read that piece in the Trib.