Friday, March 07, 2008

Bread alone?

This morning the marvelous aroma of fresh bread met me as I made my way toward the kitchen. (Thank you, Sr. Laura!) The funny thing is, yesterday and today I have been meditating on those words of Deuteronomy which Jesus quoted in his sparring with the devil, "Man does not live on bread alone, but on everything that comes from the mouth of God." It's a bit embarrassing to admit it, but this even factored into a dream I had. I was explaining the passage to a little girl, telling her, "What is it that comes from God's mouth? His word, Jesus! And how does God's word come to us? The Holy Spirit!" So the whole passage became Trinitarian. And then I started to go into what Julian of Norwich said about the extent to which we "live of" Jesus: that we could be at the bottom of the sea, but if we were with Jesus, we would have all we needed to live.
So much for my sleep. If I could only be fully awake to this truth!


Lisa said...

I love the essence of baking bread. It is a very unique fragrance.

Anonymous said...

I can smell that baking bread from down south. Save some for my next visit??? Moi