Monday, February 11, 2008

What a day!

Today is the 150th anniversary of the first apparition at Lourdes. Nobody put it better than Franz Werfel : "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."
The Best of Lourdes

Best book on Bernadette Bernadette Speaks: A Life of Saint Bernadette Soubirous in Her Own Words (Rene Laurentin)
Best runner-up book on Bernadette Bernadette: the Only Witness (John W. Lynch)
Best movie on Bernadette Song of Bernadette (no matter how hard they try, will other moviemakers get it as right as this?)
Best website on Our Lady of Lourdes The official Lourdes shrine site, with four webcams!

Add your humble opinion on the Best of Lourdes through the comment box! What other "best of Lourdes" categories should there be?


Fred said...

I seem to remember that Loretta Young did a special on Lourdes in which she played a pilgrim who was not physically cured but did have a significent religious experience, hearling her heart instead of her body. It might be worth finding out the title among her work. I remember being quite moved as a boy...
Father Fred, CMF

Anonymous said...

My husband returns from Lourdes late tonight! What a wonderful blessing for our family to participate through him. (I traveled a number of times to Europe before we got married, so it was his turn!)
A few weeks ago, we bought the "Song of Bernadette" to watch with our children, as it was the one I remembered from childhood. However, in the last few days my children and I have watched the Bernadette films starting Sydney Penny. As much as I liked Song of Bernadette, I really like these better. Apparently this "Bernadette" is the one shown continually at Lourdes? I thought it does a much better job of focussing on her and her parents than "Song of Bernadette", the latter of which I now see as combining characters from her "foster" family and her real family, as well as "Song" focusing on the opposition of town officials to make it dramatic. And the second movie was a wonderful surprise, with it's positive portrayal of her age 22-36 in the convent -- than the Song of Bernadette. I'd buy these vs the other, if I had to do it over.

Anonymous said...

Father Fred, check out google Loretta Young special Lourdes.