Friday, February 15, 2008

Praying for a Miracle

I just received a card from a mom whose two daughters were "My Friend" magazine subscribers while I was the editor. The girls used to send their pictures and stories for the "Our Own Pages" and somehow the mom and I connected through them. I usually hear from her at Christmas (as was the case this year). The card in today's mail was signed, "In desperation."
Both girls (now grown) have health problems, and one would be a candidate for Anointing of the Sick if she could be spiritually awakened to desire it. (Neither girl practices the faith she learned about in the magazine, sad to say.) So my friend is praying above all that her daughters receive spiritual healing. I'm going to send her the prayer card of Mother Thecla Merlo, our co-foundress, and a woman with a truly motherly heart. (Feb. 20 is Mother Thecla's birthday.)

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Anonymous said...

In desperation. I remembered you and your daughters in a special way at Mass this morning. You are included in my daily novena to St. Jude.