Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sr. Laura, our newest Chicago community member!
Sr. Laura hails from Minneapolis, and she entered the Daughters of St. Paul the year after I did. She met the sisters in Alaska, where she was finishing her studies to be a veterinary technician. Later, as a sister, she was stationed in Anchorage for a total of eight years, and made many trips into the bush country, toting boxes of books on tiny bush planes and learning to appreciate the native cuisine. She still has native friends who send her the occasional supply of "tundra tea" and other specialties you can't find in the lower 48. Sr. Laura is also an artist, even though she was only able to study art for the past few years. When we picked up her things on Monday, we had to fit a drafting table into the van, along with her boxes of pastels and special paper! She's hoping to catch a few more classes here in the Chicago area, and to do some projects for the publishing house while focusing locally on outreach.
Which we will be doing this weekend in St. Charles, IL at the "Here I Am" conference. Set-up is tomorrow, and the event lasts through Sunday. Pray for us! And if you don't hear from me until then, you'll know why. 3,000 teens clamoring for attention.


marthatherese said...

Welcome to the Windy City, Sr. Laura Rosemarie! You'll love it; especially, in Springtime. I was there for few months and I fell in love with the city during Springtime (I'm still in love). Flowers are everywhere...and enjoy the gorgeous out in the Millenium Park.
Oh, happy birthday to you~what a nice way to celebrate your birthday with 3000 teens, huh? I just want to be the first to say it. So, tomorrow how young are you going to be???
Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

To Sister Laura, Maybe Sr. Anne will share her herb garden with you for a cup of tundra tea.

Lisa said...

Blessings on Sister Laura's arrival to the Chi-town FSP Community!